Comment from Irene Maui about JooYoun Paek’s conceptual design/art works:

I’m tired of reading and looking to design as Art, making people to be confused about it. Some people are just looking for fame, and not really thinking on giving creative answers. The world is about to explode, and we have to fill our heads with more and more warm gadgets. Enough!

User Mike K in response:

Interesting. While I do absolutely agree that the world faces large problems and that the role of design should be forcefully stronger in helping solve them, that in no way illigitimizes the need for conceptual or artistic design. In fact, as in science, many useful discoveries come from this type exploration as much as they do from pointed purposeful problem solving.

found on: Rhizome

This struck me. I suppose I never considered scientists playing around and stumbling upon answers they weren’t looking for. And that as a means of research. Of course could be used as a “get out of jail free card” for any practitioner but I think it’s valid.