The Huffington Post interviewed artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez about her new documentary “Migration is Beautiful,” how she envisions the future role of artists in politics, and what she believes the role of art to be in activism.

Migration is beautiful

“Art is uniquely able to speak to our understanding of the world by delivering potent, powerful and empathetic content. People engage with art in a very different way than they engage with a policy paper or a news article or even a protest. This is why I believe in the power of art to shape thoughts, change hearts, and ultimately help shape laws and policy. Art has the potential to distill the most complex social challenges down to their most basic and simplest values. Values like love, family, caring for the other, caring for those in need, and fighting the things that cause human suffering.”  -Favianna Rodriguez 

View the documentary and read the full interview at Huffington Post: ‘Migration Is Beautiful’ Documentary: Artist Favianna Rodriguez Talks Immigrant Rights And Art’s Role In Politics