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Alice Yuri
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Alice Yuri

Alice Yuri has ten years of experience as a feminist educator, resercher and cultural worker. She has developed and led various film & media training programmes, courses and workshops for the NGOs, activists, representatives of LGBTQI+, migrant and refugee communities, persons with disabilities and youngsters with fewer opportunities. Her work has centred on feminist and LGBTI+ movements, cultural activism, documentary and experimental filmmaking, lived experiences and representations of women and queer persons, alternative visions of society, youth engagement and participation.

Alice lived in different countries of Eastern and Central Europe and worked for various media, human rights and educational organisations. She has authored a number of scholarly publications, short documentary and experimental films and has curated several film festivals in Belarus, Lithuania and Slovenia. Alice has also been working as a volunteer coordinator in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps and has mentored youngsters  using media and film tools to bring change in their communities across Europe.

Alice holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the European Humanities University (Lithuania) and is an affiliated researcher at the Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art at the EHU.

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