Anika Pyle

Anika Pyle is a Queer musician, poet, and multidisciplinary artist dedicated to using her platform for social justice advocacy and fundraising. As a touring musician, she has performed in almost every state in the nation and on three different continents. She has written and performed songs for feature films and network television shows. Her latest poetry project was “A Letter to All We Have Lost,” a community-sourced found poem and collage holding space for the collective grief of the Coronavirus pandemic. Her music, poetry and art explore themes like intergenerational trauma, grief, shame-resilience, radical acceptance, sexuality, Queer theory and aging with grace.

Through her Patreon platform, Life is a Funny Haha, she is creating trauma-informed community-building content situated in expressive arts therapy and positive psychology. She hopes to promote creative self-study for collective well-being, demystifying both the creative process and spiritual self-efficacy.