Lucía Mariño

(Diana) Lucía Mariño Puentes. A.k.a Dr.Mariño, is a cat and ice-cream lover and a transdisciplinary researcher-artist from Colombia.

She has a PhD in Social Sciences and Master’s in Sustainable Development. Her lines of research address the intersections between political art, (arti)visms, and social transformation. Her doctoral thesis was entitled: Artivism for social change. Experiences and creative methodological models for social transform(action). Emblematic cases in Mexico City (México) and Bogotá (Colombia).

She has done doctoral stays in European universities such as: Humboldt-Univerzität zu Berlin (Germany, 2018), where she was chosen within a group of more than 300 young researchers from around the world to be part of the Urban Ethnography Lab and in the University of Granada, at IPAZ -Peace and Conflict Institute – (Spain 2020-2021). She was the co-creator of the Mexican Feminist Art Festival Caleidoscópica Violeta (2016) and a participant of the Colombian urban art collective: Cebras por la Vida.

Collaborator in feminist research projects in Mexico, and member of IBERFEMCOM (Ibero-American network of research in communication and feminism for social justice). She participated in the book: Mujeres desde el finisterra. Diagnóstico situacional con perspectiva de género en el Municipio de Los Cabos, B.C.S. México; Her poems have been published in academic books such as Beyond Urban Transformation. Interdisciplinary perspectives on Urban Everyday Life. (Humboldt-U zu Berlin, 2018); by the Círculo Literario de Mujeres (México, 2022); and in different feminist fanzines. She has exhibited her art audiovisual and performance work in galleries and musseums in Mexico and Spain.

She has training in performance art, contemporary dance improvisation and theater of oppressed people (Colombia, Mexico, Germany and Spain). With the Laboratorio de Lucía, she teaches workshops on Artivism for the understanding and prevention of gender violence and generates projects in artivism for social change and human rights.

She collaborates with C4AA in the communications area.