Webinar #18: How Do We Know If It Works? Part 1

This is one of our most popular webinars. We’re sorry if you missed it happening live, but you can check out the video, which is 97.587% as great. Sign up for future webinars to get in on the live action. In this webinar, Steve and Steve talked with the fantastic scholar/activist Jan Cohen-Cruz and A […]


Effect (v.) “To bring about (an event, a result); to accomplish (an intention, a desire).” Affect (v.) “To have an effect on the mind or feelings of (a person); to impress or influence emotionally; to move, touch.” (Oxford English Dictionary) When it comes to bringing about social change, effect and affect are intertwined. Artistic activism […]

Report on interviews with trainers & field-defining organizations

Download: Report on Interviews with Trainers Field-Defining Organizations March 2017 Background Following the development of a literature review last year on measuring the impact of artistic/creative activism, The Center for Artistic Activism (C4AA), conducted interviews with artistic activism trainers and other “field-defining” organizations to expand the learning for this part of the Æfficacy project. This […]


Artistic Activism Efficacy Advisory Board   Kenneth Bailey — Founder, Design Studio for Social Intervention Luis Camnitzer — Independent artist James Chung — Founder, Reach Advisers Brett Davidson — Program Director, Open Society Foundations Kathy Eldon — Founder, Creative Visions       Deborah Fisher — Executive Director, A Blade of Grass Jessica George — Executive Director, Revolutions […]