Creative Mapping Exercise

Creative Mapping Excerpted from the upcoming book How To Win: The Art of Activism by Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert To get where we want to go we need a map. And because artistic activism combines both arts and activism that map is a multifaceted one, with different paths leading to our eventual outcome. This […]

Ideas To Action Exercise

Ideas to Action People move through multiple stages when changing their behavior. We’ll practice developing tactics to address one step. STEP 1: Roll the Dice 4 minutes Say hello and get to know each other. Roll your dice Exposure (roll again) Attention Interest Comprehension Skill Acquisition Agreement (roll again) Recall Information Search & Retrieval Decision […]


Effect (v.) “To bring about (an event, a result); to accomplish (an intention, a desire).” Affect (v.) “To have an effect on the mind or feelings of (a person); to impress or influence emotionally; to move, touch.” (Oxford English Dictionary) When it comes to bringing about social change, effect and affect are intertwined. Artistic activism […]

Report on interviews with trainers & field-defining organizations

Download: Report on Interviews with Trainers Field-Defining Organizations March 2017 Background Following the development of a literature review last year on measuring the impact of artistic/creative activism, The Center for Artistic Activism (C4AA), conducted interviews with artistic activism trainers and other “field-defining” organizations to expand the learning for this part of the Æfficacy project. This […]


Artistic Activism Efficacy Advisory Board   Kenneth Bailey — Founder, Design Studio for Social Intervention Luis Camnitzer — Independent artist James Chung — Founder, Reach Advisers Brett Davidson — Program Director, Open Society Foundations Kathy Eldon — Founder, Creative Visions       Deborah Fisher — Executive Director, A Blade of Grass Jessica George — Executive Director, Revolutions […]

Join Actipedia

Actipedia is an open-access, user-generated database of creative activism. It’s a place to read about, comment upon, and share experiences and examples of how activists and artists are using creative tactics and strategies to challenge power and offer visions of a better society. Actipedia draws case studies from everywhere: original submissions, reprinted news articles, snippets […]

Beatrice Glow

It’s a long wave. I think of everything as being interdependent or part of an ecosystem, philosophically and biologically. There are urgent moments of crisis where the waves are crashing on the land, which are the moments that activists quickly rise to. But then there’s the long waves, behind them, that are holding a space. […]

Artistic Activism at the UN

Steve and Steve were at the United Nations this week, where they gave a presentation to the Arts and Culture Exchange of the UN Development Program. Ostensibly about “new communications strategies to sell old ideas, like the UN”, the Steve’s presentation introduced the audience of largely UN communications staff to artistic activism, and led them […]

Elliot Crown

Images operate the same way that memories do; images have this deep-seated attachment to your mind and I like to think that the images ingrain themselves into people…It really makes them want to stop for a minute and read the article. And hopefully it’s not a terribly biased article. And hopefully the image, in itself, […]