Webinar #23: Easter Special

The unorthodox stories of the secret artistic activism history of prophets. Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were amazing activists and creative militants. They understood the fundamentals of using story and spectacle, signs and symbols as means to criticize the status quo and offer up an alternative vision.  Artists and activists have a lot to learn from […]

Webinar #22: hilariOUCH

Steve and Steve get to hang out with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, co-founder and co-director of Fulana, a Latina satire collective whose videos have been shown internationally at film festivals, museums, and universities, and whose members lead satire and parody workshops for emerging artists. Marlene talks about how satire can successfully be used to change the world through critical […]

Webinar #21: Corruption Master Class

How do we win against corruption? We met Oluseun Onigbinde at our workshop in Guinea a few months ago. The workshop brought together artists from all over West Africa to learn creative activism strategies to combat corruption, the most significant problem facing West Africa today. Oluseun gave a fascinating presentation about how corruption works, and […]

The 5 Moral Foundations

We use these axes of the “5 moral foundations” in our workshops to talk about the ways that activists can meet the people they are trying to reach where they are.  As artistic activists, the goal is not only to understand, sympathize and be respectful about strongly held beliefs of our “adversaries,” but to create […]

Exam – Planning A Campaign

The Exam Excerpted from the upcoming book How To Win: The Art of Activism by Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul”. ― Edward Abbey Time: a Morning, Afternoon or Evening STEP 1: Pepare You’ll want to do a few things to get ready for this exercise. For […]

Imagining Utopia

In order to change the world we live in we need to be able to imagine the world we desire. Through the Imagining Utopia workshop, CAA faculty work with groups – ranging from elementary school students to seasoned grassroots activists – to stimulate their imagination of what could be. Beginning with presentations of dreams of […]