C4AA Fundamentals #6: Process

Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert give some pointers on developing a creative practice. Notes Artist Bruce Connor talks about Jay Defeo’s The Rose (1958-66) Kingsmen’s Louie Louie (the flubbed line is around 2 minutes in): And consider donating whatever you can (it’s tax deductible). Monthly donations Quick – https://www.paypal.me/C4AA Get a “Can of Whoop Ass” […]

C4AA Fundamentals #5: Cognitive Science

The co-founders of the C4AA discussed human cognition – how people think and process information. The Questions Why is it that people don’t seem to care about truth and the facts? Why is it so hard to change people’s political opinions? How do we introduce new ideas in audiences when their way of thinking doesn’t […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar #4: What we’ve learned from history

Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert dug back into social movements through the ages. What did they discover? All successful activism has been artistic activism. Through examples, going back thousands of years, we examine the lessons from creative movements of the past, finding the kernels of ideas you can apply in your work today. Many workshop […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar #3: What is Artistic Activism?

Founders of the Center for Artistic Activism answer the question, what do we mean when we say “artistic activism” anyway? Through looking at disparate examples, we expand our thinking on the the ways creativity can affect power. (Many past participants cite this section as one of the most inspiring.) But we’ll also talk about common […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar #2: Building a Creative Campaign

Founders of the Center for Artistic Activism discuss how an effective campaign for change is structured. We cover goals, objectives, tactics, and strategy and how you can use these concepts in your creative practice and/or collective organizing. C4AA Fundamentals is a free webinar series is designed to cover the core concepts of artistic activism for […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar: How to Use Creativity in Organizing

The founders of the Center for Artistic Activism discuss some basic principles of using creativity in organizing and pitfalls to avoid. This webinar is designed to provide some structure to your thinking and planning around how to creatively, and effectively, respond in the weeks to come. The webinar is done and we have a video […]