Get involved

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Artistic Activism! Here’s some things you can do:

1. Join our mailing list

This is the best way to stay informed about what we’re doing and what we can offer you. Facebook’s algorithm means you’ll miss info unless we pay them. And we don’t want to pay them.  If you’d like to receive our infrequent and fun email updates:


2. Know what we’re about

If you have a question about the Center, check out our mission and principles & our rationale, or in the description of our programs.

3. Bring us to your community

If you are interested in bringing any of our Training Programs to your community, please contact us. Please understand we have no money, really. But if you can get some funding, we’re game!


4. Become a donor

Your donations allow us to serve communities who normally wouldn’t be able to afford our programs and help us focus on the most important work we can do. The nature of our funding is very restrictive, so small amounts of independent funding make a big difference.

We also are part of several employee matching programs!


For any other purpose, feel free to contact us directly.