We know the innate power of collective impact. In many ways, it’s at the heart of The Center for Artistic Activism. This summer, from now until August 31st, we want to harness that power as much as we can to continue to help voter advocacy organizations, activists, and artists all across the country. Given the upcoming midterm elections and the dire state of U.S. politics, we know we need to bring more creativity and innovation to protecting voting and voters, and supporting the freedoms the majority of people in our nation care deeply about. This is why we’ve got big plans for the coming months. From working with the QTPOC community in Florida to mobilize voters and engaging youth coalitions in Kansas and Wisconsin, to going to Texas to connect with and inspire hundreds of people are working tirelessly to overcome some of the gravest anti-voter attacks.

But we need your help.

Will you help us unlock a $5,000 challenge donation and reach our goal of getting 50 donations?

You can join us by donating to our summer fundraiser, setting up your own fundraising page, and sharing our mission with your friends and family.

Setting Up Your Page

  1. Click here to create your own page (Create A Team – don’t worry it’s for individuals, but it’s called a team because you can invite friends to join you if you’d like). After you register, you’ll receive an email invitation to get started. We’ve made it SUPER easy so it takes only a few, short minutes to set up.
    1. Create a Team Name (It can be as simple as your name or you can get creative. Ex. Defenders of Democracy, Creatives for Change, Joyful Voter, etc.)
    2. Fill Out Your Team Mission (Your why for fundraising. Ex. I’m helping fundraise for the Center for Artistic Activism because we NEED creativity in our fight to protect the freedoms we care about; because arts and culture make activism more effective; because their Revolutionizing Activism webinars brings changemakers together, etc.)
    3. Description – This field is optional, but feel free to have fun with it (Ex. I’m just a girl, standing (virtually) in front of friends and family, asking them to donate a little to protect democracy.)
  2. Set a goal, one you feel is achievable. Some people are choosing a goal of getting 5 of their friends to donate, at any amount they choose. If you need help, here’s a few things donations make possible:
    • $10: Artistic Activism Booklet (and free pdf) – our most popular resource- to an Activist
    • $25: Actipedia.org: Help keep this crowd-sourced database of global creative advocacy work vital and growing!
    • $50: Art of Activism: Book and Workbook: sent to two advocacy orgs
    • $100: Office Hours: an artistic activist gets expert consulting
    • $250: Research Team: Convening of global group studying creative activism
    • $500: Learning Lab: Covers expenses for a participant to attend our seminal course (all of our programs are free or pay what you can)
    • $1250: Revolutionizing Activism: Sponsors a month of our signature series
  3. Consider making your page’s first donation to kick things off.

Fun Graphics to Share!

Kickoff Email to Send to Friends & Family

Hi [Name],

I am a big supporter of the Center for Artistic Activism (C4AA), a grassroots nonprofit, and this summer I’m helping to support their programs!

One of my favorite ones is [ their trainings/ Unstoppable Voters / Revolutionizing Activism]. [Share a few words about your experience with us]

The Center for Artistic Activism has supported thousands of artists and activists with free resources, creative and fun trainings, and countless artistic actions that beat corruption, win campaigns and protect democracy. And they’ve been doing this great work for over ten years!

I’m proud to be helping them and would love for you to join me. You can help me reach my goal by clicking here and making a gift through my page [HYPERLINK TO YOUR PAGE]. Any amount you can give is meaningful because if they get 50 donations by August 31st a generous donor will make a contribution valued at $5,000!

I really appreciate your help, it means a lot. Stay awesome

And keep fighting the good fight,

Reminder Email

Hi [Name]!

So far, I’ve raised $X for the Center for Artistic Activism(C4AA) to support their efforts protecting democracy, supporting artists and activists, and helping people of all ages and backgrounds use creativity and culture to make a difference.

I’m so thankful for the support I’ve gotten so far, but it’s not over yet. If you can, please visit my page [HYPERLINK TO YOUR PAGE] and contribute. If C4AA receives 50 donations by August 31st a generous donor has pledged a contribution valued at $5,000!

There is still time to join me and support C4AA!

Thanks a million,