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Why Metrics Are Killing Creativity in Advertising

Created: 08 Mar 2010

"Thing is, you cannot truly quantify creativity. And in ever-increasing fashion, our clients' (and our own) rote dependence on the dusty world of metrics is exactly why creativity is going to hell. When marketing decisions are based on numbers, we lose completely the desire to "waste" time ...

Sublime Accidents

Created: 25 Feb 2010

A public service ad for a seatbelt campaign in the UK, gone viral with lots of press too. Nice tension between beauty and horror. But if I didn't before, will I wear a seatbelt now? Or does this serve the function of reinforcement? Or merely an e-mail forward as banal statement of concern? ...

Bottle Bank Arcade

Created: 10 Nov 2009

OK, it's essentially an off-beat ad campaign by Volkswagon, but it does say something about modeling social behavior through fun. Bottle Bank ...

Politics as Product

Created: 04 Nov 2008

Happy Spokesmodel Selection Day to one and all. I am certainly not the first to comment on the commodification of American politics in general and this race specifically, but a little more can be said before we're on the next distraction tomorrow. This election has been primarily a contest ...

Ogilvy: "speak their language"

Created: 23 Aug 2008

"If you're trying to persuade people into do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think." - David Ogilvy via The Hidden ...

The Changing Face of the U.S. Consumer

Created: 13 Jul 2008

via: Ad Age NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The marketing community, already dealing with a slumping economy and an increasingly consumer-controlled media marketplace, must confront another new reality: The face of the American consumer is changing dramatically. It's not news that the nation is ...

PRWatch: Corporate Sponsored Slacktivism

Created: 15 Jun 2008

After reading this, I wonder if artists or activists have been unwittingly influenced/inspired by some of these token, ineffective campaigns? If the culture is openly celebrating these supposed victories, one might believe they are actually effective. By Anne Landeman Recently while ...