art. activism


Created: 11 Oct 2016

Visual appreciation for my art is wanted I suppose, but not totally necessary...Ideally, I want my audience to react in some way either positively or negatively to my art and either a smile or smirk will keep ...

Felicia Young

Created: 29 Sep 2016

My theory is one of creative collaboration and joyous affirmation -- activating change through the inspirational power of the arts and affecting the individual on a deep emotional level, which can be ...

Diana Arce

Created: 01 Sep 2016

[T]he change has to come from socialization. It’s the way that people are being taught to interact with other people. I don’t think it’s something that’s going to come quickly; I think it’s a generational ...

André Leipold

Created: 11 Aug 2016

It’s not that we have a vision necessarily, but we try to poke holes in the scenery - a scenery which is built up by the politicians, by the media. They are playing theatre, too, with our lives and with our ...

Andrew Boyd

Created: 15 Mar 2016

“I think there is something affirming of our humanity in culture - in the community building side of things. A connective tissue, quilting all of us together and creating meaning as you strive for these ...

Avram Finkelstein

Created: 11 Feb 2016

“That’s the thing about history, you know, history is capital. The reason why I think the distinctions are worth knowing about is while communal responses, political responses, like ACT UP are incredibly ...

Actipedia Revisited: #occupysmallstreet

Created: 22 Jan 2015

This week we're giving a shout out to small-scale activism with the #occupysmallstreet movement. First inspired by a doll-sized action in Siberia, this example has been created by Arts X Activism  from Melbourne, Australia. Signs are made collectively, by regular Occupy Small Street-ers and ...