artistic activism

Why Support C4AA for 2019?

Created: 20 Nov 2018

Why support artistic activism right now? Increasingly, we are hearing from artists in our network in the U.S and around the world that they want to use their creative skills ...

Art Action Academy: Macedonia 2018

Created: 09 Aug 2018

We had the privilege of training a group of artists and activists in Skopje, Macedonia from June 5-9, 2018. We were last in Macedonia training activists in 2016 ...

Amsterdam 2018 Creative Action Accelerator

Created: 12 Jul 2018

Thinking about doing a creative action at the AIDS Conference? Let’s work together. Center for Artistic Activism staff will be on hand to share our expertise. Some workshop tools, design help and materials may be ...

The Copenhagen Experiment

Created: 21 May 2018

May 14th, 2018: We are here in Denmark to launch the "Copenhagen Experiment."  This is the first ever public experiment on the comparative efficacy and afficacy of artistic activism vs more traditional forms of ...

The Copenhagen Experiment

Created: 19 May 2018

The past decade has witnessed a surge in “artistic activism,” both in practice and its study. Whether it actually works is however still a matter of faith more than fact. What has not been done is an ...

The C4AA Artistic Activism Grants 2017!

Created: 05 Feb 2018

Last year, we were able to give out grants to some of the thousand-ish C4AA workshop alumni. These artistic activists in Croatia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Hungary created seven artistic actions to increase public engagement with the seriously problematic issues of the ...