Do petitions do anything?

Created: 28 Dec 2016

An article on the New York Times today looks at Change.org and whether online petition campaigns are truly effective. The answer is a qualified yes. “No president is going to do an about-face on a major policy because of 20,000 signatures,” he wrote. “But coupling that petition with other ...

Most creative election ad of 2016?

Created: 26 Oct 2016

We don't agree with his policies, but this ad is funny and very effective: Gerald Daugherty, a Republican county commissioner in the Austin-area Travis County, has produced one of the best ad-spots of the season, depicting him as a politics-obsessed public servant whose long-suffering, ...

No Longer Interested

Created: 15 Apr 2016

In 2014, Center Co-Director Steve Lambert was asked to contribute to A Blade of Grass’ 'Growing Dialogue', a series of practitioner-led articles and opinion pieces circling around questions of the affect and ...