The Donald gets duped: Harvard Lampoon tricks Trump with phony endorsement — and he’s not happy about it | Salon

The Donald’s been duped. In what’s been called a “a prank of presidential proportions,” the staff at Harvard University’s humor magazine, the Harvard Lampoon, targeted Donald Trump for their latest prank in a longstanding rivalry with the University’s daily student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. Trump, the real-estate mogul turned Republican presidential frontrunner, inadvertently became the center of […]

Freedom to Fail, Harvard-Style

Even Harvard Business Review gets it: failure is a necessary part of creation and innovation.  This blog post highlights how a few forward-thinking organizations build failure-friendly practices into their structure.  One of our favorites is from DoSomething.Org, a nonprofit that helps young people take action on social change initiatives, has a “FailFest” once a […]