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Webinar #20: The First Female President Of The USA

Created: 16 Feb 2018

The First Female President Of The USA   Margaret McCarthy has served as the First Female President of the United States for over a year, since January 2017, creating through performance an imaginative counter world in which the ...

Webinar #19: How Change Happens: Artistic Activism’s Theory of Change

Created: 31 Jan 2018

How Change Happens: Artistic Activism’s Theory of Change Behind all successful transformative action is a Theory of Change. Artistic Activism is no different. An idea of how change happens helps us choose how we use ...

Webinar #18: How Do We Know If It Works? Part 1

Created: 25 Jan 2018

  This is one of our most popular webinars. We're sorry if you missed it happening live, but you can check out the video, which is 97.587% as great. Sign up for future webinars to get in on the live action. In this webinar, Steve and Steve ...

Webinar: Guerrilla Futures

Created: 14 Nov 2017

Our new webinar season launched December 1st, 2017 with Stuart Candy and Jake Dunagan of Guerrilla Futures. They use future studies to understand how we can all use visionary thinking to imagine and create better tomorrows. While many futurists ...

Creative Time Summit Coming Up

Created: 22 Oct 2015

Coming up in November, Steve Lambert and Stephen Duncombe will be delivering a Center for Artistic Activism workshop at The Creative Time Summit NYC, hosted at the historic Boys and Girls High School campus in Bedford-Stuyvesant - Brooklyn's oldest public high school! On November 14 and 15, ...

Play the Game!

Created: 31 Aug 2015

In the interests of efficacy, a great deal of politics in recent years has been professionalized. Experts devise policies, lobbyists make the case to politicians, politicians fight for legislation, and ...