Gan Golan

Created: 14 Jan 2019

“If we can somehow observe the process that happens between a work of art and an idea reaching a community, and then that community taking a defiant form of action, that’s the black box. ...

Narrative, comedy, and a message: The Internet Must Go

Created: 10 Sep 2013

In 2012, market researcher John Wooley was dispatched to help the big ISPs figure out how to sell their vision for a "faster," "cleaner" Internet.  Six months later he produced this report -- and shared it with the world. A great example of using comedy to play the villain, a great narrative, ...

200 years ago The Luddites used humor, spectacle, narrative, and myth

Created: 06 May 2011

From The Right To Be Lazy. Ned Ludd was a fictitious leader. Costumes, jokes, and more. Here's an excerpt: “The Luddites, as they soon became known, were dead serious about their protests. ... But they were also making fun, dispatching officious-sounding letters that began, ‘Whereas by the ...