Creative Time Summit Coming Up

Created: 22 Oct 2015

Coming up in November, Steve Lambert and Stephen Duncombe will be delivering a Center for Artistic Activism workshop at The Creative Time Summit NYC, hosted at the historic Boys and Girls High School campus in Bedford-Stuyvesant - Brooklyn's oldest public high school! On November 14 and 15, ...

Humanity in Action

Created: 22 Oct 2015

Last Saturday, October 17th, Steve and Steve gave the opening remarks and presented a workshop at Humanity in Action’s New York Conference. Inspired by the Humanity in Action International Conference, ...

Edward Snowden monument placed (and removed) in New York City

Created: 07 Apr 2015

There’s a Massive, Illicit Bust of Edward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn While most people slept, a trio of artists and some helpers installed a bust of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Brooklyn on Monday morning. The group, which allowed ANIMAL to exclusively document the ...

Culture Gap – New York Bike Lanes

Created: 22 Mar 2011

Duncombe and I have said more than once "you can change the laws, but it won't matter if the culture doesn't change with it." For lack of a better term, I'm going to call this – for now – a Culture Gap. A change may be "the right thing," environmentally, economically, socially, for justice, ...

About Culture Push

Created: 19 Apr 2010

Culture Push is about hands-on learning, group problem solving, serious play and creating connections. The mission of Culture Push is to create a lively exchange of ideas between many different communities; artists and non-artists, professional practitioners and laypeople, across generations, ...