11: Brunch

Created: 25 Dec 2017

We're back! Stephen Duncombe arranges a Sunday Brunch at Jane Restaurant in NYC. Steve Lambert brings a long his mom as the expert, a former Domincan ...

8: Mega-Church

Created: 18 Oct 2015

Episode 8: The Rock and Roll Megachurch We went to the rock and roll megachurch, Hillsong Church, in NYC. Topics: Shapeshifting vs. Speaking in the language of your audience Documentation and telling your own story Showmanship Run your meeting on time Sorting it out yourself vs. being ...

On Evolution and Opiates

Created: 03 Nov 2012

Jerry Coyne explains why evolution is true. After all the scientific evidence it gets juicy. Coyne theorizes on why evolution gets so much cultural resistance (spoiler alert: religion) and shows some stunning data on the correlation between religion and unhealthy ...