social change

Phoebe Davies

Created: 25 Feb 2019

Pictured: Phoebe Davies (left) with Jenny Moore and Chloe Cooper, co-creators of Bedfellows.   So, for me, I think that the reason that I work in the arts and not so in the ...

Gan Golan

Created: 14 Jan 2019

“If we can somehow observe the process that happens between a work of art and an idea reaching a community, and then that community taking a defiant form of action, that’s the black box. ...

And what do I do now? Using Data Visualization for Social Change

Created: 23 Jan 2016

Last week, the C4AA's Steve Lambert attended the Responsible Data Forum on Data Visualization. In this article, Lambert discusses how data visualizations for social change can leverage emotion to achieve objectives. Those who visualize data can be reluctant to sully themselves in the messy ...

Howitcouldbedifferent.org: A Wikipedia for Social Change

Created: 30 Mar 2013

  Looking for some inspiration for your next creative activist project? Look no further than howitcouldbedifferent.org, which is described as a wikipedia for social change allowing users to post and share visions for a better world and ideas of specific progressive changes they would ...