Most creative election ad of 2016?

We don’t agree with his policies, but this ad is funny and very effective: Gerald Daugherty, a Republican county commissioner in the Austin-area Travis County, has produced one of the best ad-spots of the season, depicting him as a politics-obsessed public servant whose long-suffering, side-eyeing wife can’t wait for him to be re-elected so she […]

2013 Lone Star State School for Creative Activism participants announced

Marianela Acuña Arreaza Marianela is a budding community organizer, social researcher and educator. She was born and raised in Venezuela, and she a recent immigrant to the US. Marianela studied Sociology and Arts at the University of Houston. Her research experience is mostly on social inequalities, labor, gender, and social movements, mostly through qualitative and participatory research. While in college, Marianela was a student […]