Webinar #23: Easter Special

The unorthodox stories of the secret artistic activism history of prophets. Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were amazing activists and creative militants. They understood the fundamentals of using story and spectacle, signs and symbols as means to criticize the status quo and offer up an alternative vision.  Artists and activists have a lot to learn from […]

Webinar #22: hilariOUCH

Steve and Steve get to hang out with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, co-founder and co-director of Fulana, a Latina satire collective whose videos have been shown internationally at film festivals, museums, and universities, and whose members lead satire and parody workshops for emerging artists. Marlene talks about how satire can successfully be used to change the world through critical […]

Webinar #21: Corruption Master Class

How do we win against corruption? We met Oluseun Onigbinde at our workshop in Guinea a few months ago. The workshop brought together artists from all over West Africa to learn creative activism strategies to combat corruption, the most significant problem facing West Africa today. Oluseun gave a fascinating presentation about how corruption works, and […]

Webinar #20: The First Female President Of The USA

Margaret McCarthy has served as the First Female President of the United States for over a year, since January 2017, creating through performance an imaginative counter world in which the US is run by a female president. We’re honored to host Margaret on this webinar, where, being a fearless leader, she will talk about failure. What happens […]

Webinar #19: How Change Happens: Artistic Activism’s Theory of Change

How Change Happens: Artistic Activism’s Theory of Change Behind all successful transformative action is a Theory of Change. Artistic Activism is no different. An idea of how change happens helps us choose how we use our time, effort and creativity and how to leverage these things for maximum impact. Join us in this webinar as […]

Webinar #18: How Do We Know If It Works? Part 1

This is one of our most popular webinars. We’re sorry if you missed it happening live, but you can check out the video, which is 97.587% as great. Sign up for future webinars to get in on the live action. In this webinar, Steve and Steve talked with the fantastic scholar/activist Jan Cohen-Cruz and A […]

Webinar: Guerrilla Futures

Our new webinar season launched December 1st, 2017 with Stuart Candy and Jake Dunagan of Guerrilla Futures. They use future studies to understand how we can all use visionary thinking to imagine and create better tomorrows. While many futurists engage in thinking about the future theoretically, these guys actually experiment. Their Experiential Futures work using […]

How to Win #13: Learn from South Africa

While having an autocratic, erratic and narcissistic madman as a president might be new to artistic activists in the US, this is standard operating procedure for activists in other parts of the world. In this webinar we talked with veteran South African activists Ishtar Makhani and Marlise Richter to learn how to navigate, and effectively operate in, […]

How to Win Webinar #8: Change Minds

Our founders (The Artist! The Historian!) got deep into the Slap Chop, the Snuggie, and the Ginsu 2000! They shared what they’ve learned from infomercials (and some heavy communications theory) and revealed some simple tools to better understand audiences and communicate persuasively to people who don’t already agree. Notes from the webinar Lambert will be […]

C4AA Fundamentals #7: Stay Hopeful & Avoid Burnout

In the Star Trek universe, Vulcans like Dr. Spock always think objectively and rationally. We’re not Vulcans. Human beings have a tendency toward self-deception – a trait that was a valuable part of human evolution and helped us survive over centuries. But fight or flight responses aren’t as needed or useful in everyday 2017. Steve […]

C4AA Fundamentals #6: Process

Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert give some pointers on developing a creative practice. Notes Artist Bruce Connor talks about Jay Defeo’s The Rose (1958-66) Kingsmen’s Louie Louie (the flubbed line is around 2 minutes in): And consider donating whatever you can (it’s tax deductible). Monthly donations Quick – https://www.paypal.me/C4AA Get a “Can of Whoop Ass” […]

C4AA Fundamentals #5: Cognitive Science

The co-founders of the C4AA discussed human cognition – how people think and process information. The Questions Why is it that people don’t seem to care about truth and the facts? Why is it so hard to change people’s political opinions? How do we introduce new ideas in audiences when their way of thinking doesn’t […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar #4: What we’ve learned from history

Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert dug back into social movements through the ages. What did they discover? All successful activism has been artistic activism. Through examples, going back thousands of years, we examine the lessons from creative movements of the past, finding the kernels of ideas you can apply in your work today. Many workshop […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar #3: What is Artistic Activism?

Founders of the Center for Artistic Activism answer the question, what do we mean when we say “artistic activism” anyway? Through looking at disparate examples, we expand our thinking on the the ways creativity can affect power. (Many past participants cite this section as one of the most inspiring.) But we’ll also talk about common […]

C4AA Fundamentals Webinar #2: Building a Creative Campaign

Founders of the Center for Artistic Activism discuss how an effective campaign for change is structured. We cover goals, objectives, tactics, and strategy and how you can use these concepts in your creative practice and/or collective organizing. C4AA Fundamentals is a free webinar series is designed to cover the core concepts of artistic activism for […]