The last program requirements 🥳️

Due by December 15, 2022

Final reports are a very important and required part of Unstoppable Voters. The final report consists of:

  1. Submitting a post-program assessment at this link,
  2. Completing and sharing your Æffect App, and
  3. Completing and submitting the form below.

Note: what you write in the final report may be used for public-facing materials on our website and other networks.

Following submission of the final report, you can send us your final invoice for the remaining project funds.

Thank you in advance for your deep analysis, and feel free to reach out to Krystal if you have any questions.

UV Midterms 2022: Final Report

Æffect App

Complete all remaining components of the Æffect App, especially the modules on Evaluation.
If you have any issues with the app, let us know; you can also access a PDF version of the app here:

Maximum file size: 62.91MB

To generate a report from the App:
– On the first screen after you log in to the App, you’ll see your project listed in blue, and underneath there will be a progress bar in green. Beneath that is a button that says “Printable Report.”
– Click the “Printable Report” button and it’ll generate a page with all your answers.
– Print or save the page as a PDF and drop the file here.

If you have any confusion with the tech end of this, let us know and we’ll help you out.

Other important things!

If any of the below feel like things you’ve already answered in the Æffect App, feel free to copy and paste from there to here.

Media and Press

Maximum file size: 62.91MB

If you have any trouble with uploads, let us know.

Maximum file size: 62.91MB

Help us assess ourselves, too!

What about the Unstoppable Voters program do you think we should KEEP, STOP, and START? Consider the full program: trainings, reflections, the Æffect App, email communications, mentorship meetings, press and video support, etc.

Thank you again for all of your time put into this report and the program overall!