Unstoppable Voters 2022: Post-Program Assessment

Fill out the survey below to capture where you are at the end of this experience

Back in August, we asked you the below questions. We want to see what your answers are now! Please include your name to help track personal experience, but know that we are in no way judging your responses, and no one outside of C4AA will see them.

This is an opportunity to take an honest look at what you’ve done over the past several months, how you’re feeling about it, and what you may still want to change. All answers are correct.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

UV Midterms 2022: Closing Survey

What you’ve done

Step back for a moment to think about the work you did during the midterm season to support voters and voting and the work you have ahead.

How you’re feeling

What you wanted from this experience

You answered these questions back in August. We’ve collected those answers for you here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GWNlgJVsA0dVrtNiT__WBaXvdyP-PDsItOLsdjMyfII/edit?usp=sharing. Look at how you answered then, and in the space provided please reflect on what you said then and what you think now.