Fill out the survey below to capture where you are at the start of this experience

We’re going to ask you these questions now and at the end of the program. Please include your name to help track personal experience, but know that we are in no way judging your responses, and no one outside of C4AA will see them.

This is an opportunity to take an honest look at what you’re doing now, how you’re feeling about it, and what you may want to change. All answers are correct.

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Unstoppable Voters Fellowship 2023: Pre-Program Assessment

What you’re doing now

Step back for a moment to think about the work you’re currently doing to support voters and voting.
Do you and/or your team frequently use any of the following in your civic engagement work? Check all that apply.
How supported do you feel in your current voting work?
Do your campaigns and actions frequently make use of any of the following?

What you want from this experience

We’re starting a program that will continue on for several months! What would make it a success to you?