Imagination powers change – and changes power.

The Center for Artistic Activism helps people use their creativity and culture to effect power.

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Our book: The Art of Activism

You can now pre-order our book, The Art of Activism: Your All-Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible. It includes straightforward lessons, insights, and research from the couple decades of our work (and jokes). More at ArtOfActivismBook.com

Unstoppable Voters

We’re supporting artistic activism projects protecting the freedom to vote in the United States. We’ve given training, mentorship, and funding to over two dozen projects since September of 2020.

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19

Join our fight to make COVID-19 treatment, testing, and vaccines affordable and accessible to all. We launched a global, online Advocacy Innovation Lab called Free the Vaccine for Covid-19 and are supporting a movement.


We offer training for artists, activists, and organizations on theory, methods and skills for maximizing their impact. In 2021 alone we’ve trained hundreds of activists, artists, and investigative journalists in the Western Balkans and West Africa, and democracy advocates across the United States, and public health advocates around the world.


We provide advising for groups and organizations on strategic, creative methods for activism, grant making, and assessment. 2021 advising partners include; Greenpeace, A Blade of Grass, Art Against Ageism, Recess Art, and Open Society Foundations.


We conduct and share research on the practice and impact of artistic activism.


We give away podcasts,videos, webinars, guides and other online training resources you can access now..

What we do

Art + Activism = Impact

Ishtar Lakhani talking to a group
Ishtar Lakhani organizing for sex worker rights at the 2016 AIDS Conference in South Africa

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation helps support artistic activism worldwide.

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  • Political Imagination

    At the C4AA we like to say that: Imagination powers change. And changes power. But why is imagination so important to social and political change. In this encyclopedia article for The Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Possible on “political imagination,” C4AA Co-founder Stephen Duncombe and C4AA alumnus Silas Harrebye explore the whys and hows of activist …

  • The Copenhagen Experiment, Social Movement Studies

    Over three days on a bridge in Copenhagen, C4AA Co-Founder Steve Duncombe and C4AA alumnus Silas Harrebye and a team of young researchers and activists set out to test whether creative forms of activism are more effective than conventional ones. (Spoiler: they are.) The findings of this first-ever public experiment in artistic activism is now …

  • A Year of Unstoppable Voters

    25 projects. 100 passionate people trained. And millions reached with creativity, humor, and hope: all to protect the freedom to vote. In August 2020, the Center for Artistic Activism put out an open call for creative, strategic, risk-taking projects to support voters and voting in the coming US elections. Within one week we received over …