— Art and Activism is a powerful combination for social change. We have the most experience and are the best at doing this work —

→ H I R E   U S

The Center for Artistic Activism runs about 6-8 workshops a year. If you’d like one of those to be with your group or organization, we’d like to hear from you. Our full workshops are 3-5 days and usually need at least 2 months of lead time. We offer day-long and half-day options where we can share portions of our ideas and methodology, as well as shorter lectures and presentations. If you are interested in bringing any of our Training Programs to your community, please contact us. Please understand we have no money, really. But if you can get some funding, we’re game!

→ C O L L A B O R A T E

We also consult on campaigns and actions, brainstorming artistic tactics and planning creative strategies. We don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy of artistic activism,  but will work with you on developing the best, most creative course of action for your group, your issue, your creative resources and your unique cultural context. Consultation can be everything from a hour long phone call to in-person collaborations lasting several months.

→ S U P P O R T  U S

We do receive some institutional support, but it’s limited and often targeted to specific projects. Individual donations allow us to serve communities who normally wouldn’t be able to afford our programs and help us focus on the most important work we can do. With an organization like ours, every donation makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.  And, of course, tax deductible.

O U R  P O W E R S


Others teach a particular technique or practice, we teach a philosophy and methodology so people can create a practice and technique themselves.
We are an artist/academic/designer team with scholarly books, art shows and interactive exhibits behind us.
We harness the creativity that exists in all people, whether they consider themselves artists or not, and help them turn their creativity into a powerful tool for social change.
We focus on outcomes and effectiveness. A creative action may look great or be popular, but we’re not afraid to ask if it really worked.