For over a decade we’ve been engaging and empowering thousands of artists and activists, working all across the U.S. and in nearly 40 countries – and counting. We’re excited about what’s ahead, but need your support to get there! 

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Arts and culture make activism more effective.

You understand tired activist cliches gets stale and less effective. (Everyone knows that!) That’s why inventive, exciting, and creative new practices are so desperately needed. The Center for Artistic Activism does research, shares methods, and mentors on-the-ground efforts so fighters for change are as effective as possible.

Your contribution is meaningful because it helps train artists, activists, and investigative journalists to develop innovative, artistic actions that beat corruption, and win campaigns for human rights and increasing democracy.’

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Give $1,000 or more and you’ll get lunch with C4AA’s Directors, Rebecca Bray and Steve Lambert (via video OR in person, depending on where you are). Plus all the gifts below.

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Give $250 or more and we’ll send you a copy of The Art of Activism: Your All Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible with a bookplate signed by C4AA co-founders Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert. Plus all the gifts below.

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Give $100 or more and you’ll receive a canvas tote bag. Board member Terry Marshall (pictured) personally endorses this bag as “the best” he’s ever owned. Plus all the gifts below.

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Give $50 or more and you’ll receive this limited edition risograph by Steve Lambert taken from the Art of Activism book! While supplies last. Plus all the gifts below.

Imagine Winning Print


Give $35 or more and you’ll receive this limited edition 3-D paper plaque to remind you to imagine winning! Also made by Lambert! While supplies last.

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Any Amount

Give any amount and you’ll receive this DIY can of Whoop Ass or Canned Do Spirit. Print at home and wrap around a standard soup can. Makes a great gift! While supplies last.

Some of the prints, stickers, flags, and objects from past campaigns that we’ve included in past thank you packages! *While supplies last!

We Believe in Artistic Activism

Negative predictions come easily and the world has enough bitterness. Right now the world needs your vision, your optimism, and your empathy. It needs your drive and motivation. It needs your most compelling stories, your creativity, and it needs your humor. We need new ideas of how the world can work, and new ways to get there.

The Center trains people to use these ideas in effective campaigns through proven methodologies. With your help, the Center for Artistic Activism supports groups and individuals who are looking for creative and effective ways to counteract bigotry, hate, misinformation and fear.

Delivering Democracy in Pennsylvania for the 2020 Election
Drawing upon history with Free the Vaccine for COVID-19
2020 Anti-corruption media event at Albanian University

Our community is:

  • Turning out voters in the U.S. Election & helping protect the right to vote
  • Advocating for global health equity during the ongoing pandemic
  • Fighting corruption in West Africa and the Balkans
  • Changing human rights policy in South Africa
  • Moving the needle on drug policy in Seattle
  • Recapturing millions for infrastructure projects in the Balkans
  • and much, much more!

We’re excited about what’s ahead and need your support to get there.

Support Artistic Activists Around the World

Why support Center for Artistic Activism? Douglas Rushkoff says we don’t suck. And some of our other alumni seem to agree. Check out these short videos they sent.

Check out some of our alumni stories to see the people we work with.

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