The Center for Artistic Activism helps people use their creativity and culture to effect power.

The Center for Artistic Activism is transforming the practices of art and activism, helping activists, artists, organizations, and foundations be more effective and affective in bringing about social change.

The Center for Artistic Activism is supporting change through the current crises

Our Unstoppable Voters Project

We’re supporting artistic activism projects that combating voter suppression in the United States before and after the 2020 U.S. election. We’ve funded two rounds of projects. See the first round here.

The Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 Campaign

Join our fight to make COVID-19 treatment, testing, and vaccines affordable and accessible to all. We’ve launched a global, online Advocacy Innovation Lab called Free the Vaccine for Covid-19. And you can take part.

Transition Your Advocacy

Keep your team inspired and resilient. With our online workshops like Don’t Cancel: Creative Activism in the Time of Coronavirus, we can help your group move forward creatively, in the current context, no matter the issue you’re working on. Contact us for details.


We offer training for artists, activists, and organizations on theory, methods and skills for maximizing their impact.


We provide advising for groups and organizations on strategic, creative methods for activism, grant making, and assessment.


We conduct and share research on the practice and impact of artistic activism.


We give away podcasts,videos, webinars, guides and other online training resources you can access now..

What we do

Art + Activism = Impact

Featured Alumnus

Ishtar Lakhani talking to a group
Ishtar Lakhani organizing for sex worker rights at the 2016 AIDS Conference in South Africa


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation helps support artistic activism worldwide.

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