The Center for Artistic Activism hosts monthly office hours open to all.

Anyone can sign up for a short meeting to talk about whatever you like*; possible projects**, questions about artistic activism, a confounding problem, or?

* Note: if your question has to do with getting funding for a project or promoting a project, we wish we had great answers but we struggle with the same thing.

** Note: if you want help with a project, please start by checking out the resources we’ve developed. We designed them to help people just like you. Then if you still have questions come back and schedule a meeting.

Last Friday of the Month

We host our office hours on the last Friday of the month. Time slots become available 14 days in advance. If all the dates are full, please check back!

At every meeting at least one of our directors will be present.

Meetings are via Zoom video conference.

Tried our book?

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