• Revolutionizing Activism: How Do We Know It Works?

  • Hiring: Creative Activism Communications Intern

  • Hiring: Graphic Designer

  • Redistricting Lotería

  • Video + Takeaways – How to Strengthen the Vision of Your Advocacy

  • Join Us in Orlando for La Mega Noche

  • Revolutionizing Activism: The Power of Utopia

  • State Violence & Desensitizing Dummies

  • Video + Takeaways – 3 Tips for Humorous Creative Activism

  • BIG NEWS: ​​Center for Artistic Activism Receives Transformational Funding!

  • Artistic Activism: ¡La Mega Clase!

  • Revolutionizing Activism: Using Humor When Things Are Dire

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Less recent news

  • The Art of Activism Learning Lab

    The Art of Activism Learning Lab

  • Imagination Index #1

  • D.C. Statehood Accelerator: Call for Artists

  • A project developed by Vértigo Graffiti, Corpovisionarios and the International Organization for Migrations (OIM) in Aguablanca, Colombia (Photos: En Orbita Web).

    ¡Tenemos buenas noticias!

  • Your Generous Activism Examples

  • Get on the News Zoom

    The Creativity Continues On

  • Radicalizing the Remote: How to Keep Kicking Butt at a Distance

  • Delivering Democracy

    Yes, we can still win big on voting

  • 2021: A Powerful Year for Artistic Activism

  • Song Power for the People DC Capitol

    We’re Hiring a Program Assistant

  • Why activists need art to create social change

  • Revolutionizing Activism Panel

    [Video] Revolutionizing Activism: Can Creative Activism Combat Civic Apathy?

  • Revolutionizing Activism: Can Creative Activism Combat Civic Apathy?

  • Sterile equipment at a safe injection site - Photo by Colin Askey/Castlemount Media

    BREAKING NEWS: Another Victory!

  • Ready to toast?

  • We Act Radio

    Art of Activism Book Event in DC

  • A class graduating from a C4AA workshop

    Apply to be a Workshop Leader with the Center for Artistic Activism

  • Political Imagination

  • The Copenhagen Experiment, Social Movement Studies

  • A Year of Unstoppable Voters

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  • What we’re working on this Fall 2021

  • Call for Applications: Creative Actions for NY Prosperity Online Workshop

  • New publication! Creative vs. conventional activism

  • Bullhorn

    Hiring: Communications Consultant

  • How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote Debut!

  • ¿En Serio Loca? ¡VOTA!

  • Chase the Erase

  • August is Civic Health Month!

  • How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter if You Don’t Vote!

  • Song Power for the People

  • Monopoly Man poses behind an Equifax executive at a government meeting

    Public Comment as Performance

  • Senegal Workshop Graduate group photo - lots of smiles.

    Regional Creative Hubs: Phase II Projects

  • White Coat Rebels Screenshot

    White Coat Rebels World Premiere

  • Art of Activism Book Steve Duncombe and Steve Lambert

    Order our book: The Art of Activism

  • Intercept: The Vaccine Divide

  • Alumni Anne Basting TED Talk

  • Unstoppable Voters 2021 Project Funding

  • Unstoppable Voters Info Session

  • Unstoppable Voters Workshop

  • Unstoppable Voters 2021

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