Applications are now open for our 2023 Art of Activism Learning Labs

You already know the transformative impact creativity can have on social change, and now it’s time to take action. Join our global cohort in the Art of Activism Learning Lab and apply your creativity to make a real difference in the issues you’re passionate about.

But hurry – spaces are limited in our Art of Activism Learning Lab and it’s pay-what-you-can, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to step up your advocacy work and take your activism to the next level. Apply now and join one of our global cohorts.

Learn more below and apply here.

What are Learning Labs?

Our Learning Labs offer remote training supported by our tried-and-tested lessons, led by our global team of some of the top practitioners in the world, and in conjunction with The Art of Activism book and workbook. The course is made up of six weekly meetings, very small class sizes, discussions, and exercises, as well as hands-on activities you will do on your own throughout the week to practice the ideas we’ll discuss in the labs.

Facilitated by an international team of Workshop Leaders, the Learning Labs are designed to be conversational, fun, and dynamic. This makes the weekly sessions approachable, practical, and relevant to people at all levels of experience.

Our Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Steve Lambert has this to share:

“The Learning Labs is one of the programs at the Center for Artistic Activism that I am most proud of. I’m looking forward to helping a new group of people who are motivated, curious, and looking to improve the effectiveness of their artistic activism in the world. It’s an incredible opportunity to benefit from all the research and expertise that we have on our team.

And, the leaders of these workshops are incredible. We’ve got Keyti from Senegal, who created a hip hop based news show presenting Senegalese youth current events as a mixtape; Sasha, an activist in a variety of different issues, originally from Belarus — she lived in a place where democracy deteriorated and that kind of insight and that experience is, unfortunately, valuable for some of us in other parts of the world; and Tracy and Rebecca, who both have experience working in public health, where serious research in behavior change has been done to learn how to get people to quit smoking, eat better, and live healthier lives.”

Hear more from Steve about the history of Learning Labs and why we created them