We are thrilled to be supporting a record 15 artistic activists in 2024

A supersized election year calls for a supersized Fellowship program, and we are thrilled to share the 15 leaders who make up our two Unstoppable Voters Fellowships for 2024.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, New York, and DC, these six Fellows are working at leading local and national organizations to mobilize voters across the country with extraordinary innovation and impact.

In addition to iuscely, Caroline, Akeima, Lachandra, Melody, and Alexia, for the first time we are also supporting faculty members at higher education institutions through our new Unstoppable Voters Faculty Fellowship. These Faculty Fellows are incorporating artistic activism and creative civic engagement in their coursework this spring and fall in a range of disciplines, including political science, theater, art, design, clinical psychology, and intermedia.

Kim, Margit, D.T., Abby, Brittney, Kristin, Susan, Gregory, and Daniella teach and inspire students at higher education institutions in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, and Virginia.

These 15 Fellows were selected from an exceptionally competitive pool of applicants. You can learn more about each of them here.

Unstoppable Voters

The Center for Artistic Activism’s expansive Unstoppable Voters program supports creatively risk-taking, strategic, ambitious organizations, people, and projects that address urgent and specific anti-voter attacks. We provide training and community building for individuals and groups who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. We also provide funding and support to help manifest that innovation and bring real, measurable impact. To date, we’ve helped over 100 organizations and 1,000 individuals make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful, and irresistible.