Unstoppable Voters protects the freedom to vote through creativity and innovation.

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What is Unstoppable Voters?

We believe that every voter’s voice must be heard. The U.S. freedom to vote is under extraordinary attack — at the state level, the federal level, and due to widespread apathy, division, and distrust — but we have hope. We believe we can become a country where people feel invested in and excited about civic life. We believe legislation can be passed at the federal and state levels to support that civic life and protect the freedom to vote. And we know that we need to use the powers of art and culture to make this promise of democracy real for us all.

Through our expansive Unstoppable Voters program, we support creatively risk-taking, strategic, ambitious organizations, people, and projects that address urgent and specific anti-voter attacks. We provide training and community building for individuals and groups who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. And we provide funding and support to help manifest that innovation and bring real, measurable impact. To date, we’ve helped over 60 organizations and over 400 individuals make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful, and irresistible.

Project Funding and Support

We’ve funded 25 bold, impactful projects that have helped people vote and protected the freedom to vote.

We began in 2020, funding 19 projects in the lead-up to and aftermath of the election, including: Cirque d’Vote, which organized dozens of line-warming circus performances at early voting locations and on Election Day; Float the Vote, which mobilized Detroit food and ice cream trucks to educate people about registration, early voting, and polling locations; Project Your Vote, which projected key voting information and narrative imagery in dozens of cities near voting sites; Fuck Talking, Go Vote, which mobilized diverse cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpokes across the country in 11 rides to ballot boxes before election day; and Delivering Democracy, which put troupes of dancing mailboxes on the ground throughout Pennsylvania to make people excited about voting by mail and dropbox. Read more about the projects we funded in 2020 here and here.

Watch a video about our 2020 projects here.

In 2021, we funded 6 projects, including:

Song Power For The People began with an original pro-voter song and spread it through social media platforms and challenges. Then it brought in musicians of all genres to sing the song in Washington, D.C., continuously for 24 hours and 19 minutes (one minute longer than the longest filibuster ever recorded), to bust the filibuster and get national pro-voter standards passed.

How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote?: Theater, puppets, music, and more engaged youth in Philly and got them registered and amped to vote in crucial 2021 judicial races. Read about its big win for Philly students here.

¿En Serio Loca? ¡VOTA! Pride floats, drag queens, and lip sync battles celebrated queerness, promoted mail-in voting, and countered Latinx poll intimidation in Florida.

Senator Singing Lessons: Songs to sing to your Senators in New York and beyond helped them find their voice and become full-throated leaders on protecting the vote.

Chase the Erase: Raucous street actions featuring drum lines, cheer squads, and lots of chalk joined the successful fight for fair districts in Pennsylvania.

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An overview of the reach of our projects from 2020-2022
Crique d’Vote
Drawing out the Vote
Delivering Democracy
Cheer the Count
A GOTV event by How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote? creators Just Act

Organizational and Campaign Support

Through Unstoppable Voters, we support organizations working on key, pro-voter issues. Focuses have included fair districting in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia through our Holistic Districts Hub; DC Statehood through our DC Statehood Accelerator; QTPOC voter registration and mobilization in Florida through Artistic Activism: ¡La Mega Clase!; youth power through Unstoppable Voters: Kansas, and more.

Participants in these multi-part initiatives:

  • Develop and implement impactful, innovative campaigns focused on real, measurable results
  • Share and learn from best practices at peer organizations around the country
  • Become part of a close network of organizations pushing the boundaries of what pro-voter activism can be

Specific focuses and benefits include:

  • Unique strategic campaign outlines for each organization, developed by participants within the workshop
  • Analysis of audiences and impacts
  • Clear ideas of what works and doesn’t, and how to get beyond raising awareness and into moving people to action
  • Specific, impact-driven, and wildly creative objectives and tactic ideas 
  • Assessment methods and questions
  • Tools that can be utilized in future work
  • Presentations and documentation that can be shared organization-wide

The Holistic District Hub included staff at Fair Count, Georgia Muslim Voter Project, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and Citizen Action Wisconsin. The DC Statehood Accelerator included staff and volunteers at DC Vote, 51 for 51, League of Women Voters of DC, Statehood4DC, and Long Live GoGo, and was led with our partners For Freedoms. Our work in Florida was in partnership with QLatinx and All Voting is Local and included staff from the Human Rights Campaign, Vote Riders, RideShare2Vote Aware, and the Florida Immigrant Coalition. Unstoppable Voters: Kansas was in partnership with Loud Light and the Kansas Youth Power Coalition and featured youth leaders working at organizations and campaigns including Vote Neigh, BE SEEN, Sunrise, and more.

Interested in your organization working with us on your pro-democracy focus? Reach out to our Unstoppable Voters Program Director.


Our Unstoppable Voters Workshop is a three-session, online workshop where participants from across the country learn all about creative activism and refine ideas for creative, pro-voter projects. Great for staff and volunteers at voter advocacy organizations, for artists, advocates, activists, creative people, and more. This is a chance to experience our popular Creative Activism Academy training that we’ve been honing for 13+ years in workshops around the world — and immediately apply it to protecting the freedom to vote.

We held our first workshop in June 2021 for 60 participants, who were in 17 states with deep connections to 10 more plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Half of the participants came from arts backgrounds, half had more activist backgrounds. Many of them went on to develop inspiring project ideas that we’re funding now.

We’ll be offering more workshops soon — maybe even in person! Stay tuned.

The reach of our first workshop
Brainstorming ideas for how to protect voters
Indivisible’s Co-Executive Director Ezra Levin speaking at our workshop
Workshop Participant & later Unstoppable Voters Grantee Carlos Diaz’ exceptional analysis of pop culture — and how it can be used in activism

Featured Projects:

Unstoppable Voters Projects

Unstoppable Voters has been made possible through the generous support of Andrea Soros Colombel, Fourdoves Foundation, and Open Society Foundations.

Thank you hugely to our generous Unstoppable Voters anchor funder Andrea Soros Colombel for knowing that artistic activism is the future of advocacy, and for caring so deeply about democracy.