Fuck Talking, Go Vote is is an Unstoppable Voters Project – a series of Center for Artistic Activism supported works that celebrate voting rights and counter voter suppression.

Fuck Talking, Go Vote

The Compton Cowboys are getting out the vote! We’re calling on communities to vote early by mobilizing diverse cowboys and cowgirls across the country in a ride to the ballot boxes before election day. Through a trailer, website, digital and physical posters, and custom bandanas, we’re advertising 866-OUR-VOTE and empowering disenfranchised potential voters to get the information they need, while galvanizing voters through the gritty, powerful, take-no-shit spirit of the cowboy. 

Creative Producers: Randy Hook, Molly Gore, Someoddpilot
Creative Producers/On Camera Performers: Compton Cowboys 

Molly Gore is a member of the Yes Men, a longtime culture-jamming activism group that works to amplify campaigns and support movements through mischief-making responses to the changing political climate. She is a former food journalist and creative producer.

The Compton Cowboys: Straight Outta Richland Farms, the Compton Cowboys are a collective of lifelong friends on a mission to uplift their community through horseback and farming lifestyle, all the while highlighting the rich legacy of African-Americans in equine and western heritage. They’ve firmly established themselves as one of the most dynamic groups in today’s generation. 

Someoddpilot launched in 1999 as an indie record label, and that DIY spirit has guided them ever since. Their mission is to create work that is positive, provocative, and productive. They partner with brands and cultural institutions who want to stand for something, participate in culture, and do good. They collaborate on a huge range of projects—from branding and content, to digital experiences and purpose-driven initiatives.

Bandanas printed through C4AA’s printer-in-residence program by printers Mary Tremonte and Willa Goettling

Additional Press

Randy Savvy of the Compton Cowboys on CNN
KQED Covers Ride Out to Vote in Oakland
The Philadelphia Inquirer covers Ride Out to Vote
Compton Cowboys on NBC4
Compton Cowboys on Telemundo52
Compton Cowboys on ABC7
Riding Out to Vote

Unstoppable Voter Projects Throughout the Country Will Bring Art and Entertainment to Voters and Polling Places; Artists Hope to Inspire Others in Their Own Communities

In this contentious election season, many people are wondering how we can move past division and tension to celebrate democracy and our freedom to vote. Artists, in the business of storytelling and culture-making, are working around the country to turn the focus to honoring and encouraging participation in our democratic process. With this in mind, the Center for Artistic Activism created the Unstoppable Voter Project. We funded 11 of the most ambitious, innovative collaborations between artists and civic organizations seeking to increase voter engagement after receiving more than 100 applications. Artistic events will take place nationwide, with a focus on states where voters are facing barriers to the polls.