#ArtistsWhoVote’s Spin the Vote is an Unstoppable Voters Project – a series of Center for Artistic Activism supported works that protect the freedom to vote with creativity and innovation.

Spin the Vote

The collective #ArtistsWhoVote activated a variety of locations in and around Arizona State University in October and November 2022. Through a series of public interventions that included processions featuring sign-spinning and ballot box and envelope costumes, the collective registered and mobilized a key demographic — young, first-time voters in Arizona.

#ArtistsWhoVote on a go vote!? procession. Photo by Gregory Sale.

Meeting Audiences Where They Are

#ArtistsWhoVote did a lot of research, talking to students on campus to find what would resonate with their audience. They decided to offer multiple messages around voting to meet the range of responses students had to politics.

Some of the materials were lighthearted and goofy, which attracted students and helped them understand that voting doesn’t have to be serious and can be fun.

#ArtistWhoVote collective members with signs and their whimsical costumes. Photo by Lindsay Rothrock.

Others connected with how tired students feel about politics, sporting messages like, “I’m so sick of this shit, But I voted anyways.” This openness and honesty resonated with the Arizona State community.

Making Participation Easy and Fun

As part of Spin the Vote, the collective put together a gallery show on campus where they displayed their pro-voter signs and other materials. They made the show inviting and got a ton of foot traffic from students.

They also designed the exhibition so that anyone could check out the signs, costumes, and props to use at any time. As one visitor noted:

Being able to take the art off the walls and check them out was an awesome concept and brilliant way to get people to vote. The messaging means more coming from peers and like-minded people than ads off YouTube and signs in neighborhoods. I was really excited to participate in that.

– Arizona State University student
A professional sign spinner attracts a crowd. Photo by Lindsay Rothrock.
Photo by Michael Tucker

Created by #ArtistsWhoVote: Sabrina Apostol, Sasha Arambula, Christopher Becerra Mejia, Rapheal Begay, Hector Carranza, Elise Crawford-Paz Soldán, Jan Davids, Kate Derwin, Maclyn Eldred, Mikey Estes, Abby Galvin, Kiauna Holguin, Kasey Kutcher, Emiliano Lopez, Emmie Machen, Miguel Angel Monzon, Elizabeth Pineda, JoAnna Reyes, lindsey rothrock, Gregory Sale, Safwat Saleem, Yvette Serrano, Claire Walgren, Brittney Wegener

#ArtistsWhoVote led 7 actions in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona, reaching approximately 300 students.

What is Unstoppable Voters?

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