In 2022 we helped more people bring more creativity, innovation, and impact to their pro-voter work than ever before

Read on to learn about what we accomplished!

This year, we set out to make civic engagement as joyful, vibrant, safe, powerful, accessible, inspiring, and irresistible as possible.

In the face of some of the most serious attacks on fundamental freedoms our country has seen in decades, we were able to accomplish truly extraordinary feats.

We helped turn out voters in record numbers, mobilized communities that have faced the highest barriers to voting, and used the full powers of art and culture to make a real difference.

Below we’ve collected highlights from our new Fellowship, workshops we led across the country, and creative campaigns we can’t stop thinking about.

2022 By the Numbers

supported over 200 actions across 23 creative campaigns reaching nearly 1 million people

led 15 workshops training 348 people in pro-voter artistic activism

worked with 34 organizations and 5 colleges and universities across 26 states

2022 By the People

Featuring members of our Fellowship and Action Accelerator: Céshia Elmore (New Voices for Reproductive Justice); Jerry Millan (Alianza); Steve Alfaro (Poder Latinx); Aileen Loy (Fair Count); Lisa Jo Epstein (Just Act); Miguel Monzon, Sabrina Apostol, Claire Walgren, Hector Carranza, Rapheal Begay (#ArtistsWhoVote at Arizona State University); Alannah Ray (Panthers Vote at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee); Brenden Rearick and Steph Sorenson (Pittsburgh DSA); Becky Bullard and Andrew Dinwiddie (Democrasexy); Annie Bailey (The Ally Coalition); Jenny Gottstein (Vote With Us); Abdul Dosunmu (Young Black Lawyers’ Organizing Coalition)

2022 Highlights

Unstoppable Voters Fellowship

This year we launched a new program: the Unstoppable Voters Fellowship. For our inaugural cohort, we selected 5 fellows: Steve Alfaro with Poder Latinx, Andrew Dinwiddie with Democrasexy, Céshia Elmore with New Voices for Reproductive Justice, Aileen Loy with Fair Count, and Alannah Ray with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Panthers Vote.

Our 5 Unstoppable Voters Fellows brought big, bold ideas to help their communities around the country vote during the election season: with huge whale kites across Georgia, mystery bags that took the mystery out of voting in Wisconsin, witchy rituals and Texorcisms in Austin, poetic protests in Pennsylvania, and votaco pledges in Atlanta.

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The Unstoppable Voters 2022 cohort along with C4AA trainers Keyti, Krystal, Rachel, and Steve
Photo and videos by Good For You Productions

Unstoppable Voters Workshops

One of our major focuses this year has been leading trainings and workshops to support voting champions’ vital work and push the boundaries of what pro-voter activism can be.

In 2022, we held 15 workshops, training 348 people across 38 organizations in 26 states. We were able to conduct many of these trainings in-person — for the first time in the program’s history! — enabling us to travel the country and get on the ground to help voting champions, young and old, novices and veterans, working on a wide range of pro-voter issues.

A video about our Unstoppable Voters workshop at the Ohio State University. Video by Top5ive Photography.
A case study about how groups we worked with in a training in Kansas applied our lessons to a successful, pro-abortion voting campaign.

Unstoppable Voters Actions

Here are just a few of our favorites from the past year!

Apollo 51

We started the year off by leading a workshop with friends For Freedoms for leaders fighting to bring fair representation to DC’s 700,000+ residents by making our capital a state. We worked with the League of Women Voters of DC, DC Vote, 51 for 51, Statehood4DC, Long Live Go-Go, and inspired and inspiring folks from across the country who understand the need to make DC a state as the social justice issue it is.

We were thrilled to support many of the creative campaigns that came out of our workshop, including the Apollo 51 Mission to Land a New Star on the Flag. Developed by janet e. dandridge, Mike Litt, and Anne Stauffer, with design by @csrmxt, we’ll continue supporting the project into 2023. Look out for it when you’re in DC!

A DC resident joins the Mission
Teens March on the Ballot Box
Teens parade to the polls in Philadelphia

On Vote Early Day, October 28, 2022, hundreds of high school students gathered at Philadelphia’s City Hall for a Teens March on the Ballot Box civic extravaganza. As conceived by Unstoppable Voters Action Accelerator participant Lisa Jo Epstein of Just Act, teens paraded with pride, voted en masse, were cheered on by their peers, and spoke beautifully about why voting was so important to them.

Teens vote at a special spot inside City Hall, set up to help them cast their ballots

The event was a huge civic success, and students are already planning their voting parades for next year.

Teens are cheered on by their classmates after voting. Photos by Cain Images.
WHYlie the Whale

Who knew whales were the key to getting out the vote in Georgia?

Unstoppable Voters Fellow Aileen Loy!

Working with her organization Fair Count, Aileen added whimsy and wonder to voting events across Georgia by flying giant whale kites and leading kid-friendly whale activities.

Kids make their own whale kites at a Fair Count event.

With the help of these whales, Aileen and Fair Count worked to collect 40,000 Commit To Vote cards in the 40 Georgia counties where there are many people who are registered to vote, but they don’t vote either at all or often.

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What is Unstoppable Voters?

Through the Center for Artistic Activism’s expansive Unstoppable Voters program, we support creatively risk-taking, strategic, ambitious organizations, people, and projects that address urgent and specific anti-voter attacks. We provide training and community building for individuals and groups who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. And we provide funding and support to help manifest that innovation and bring real, measurable impact. To date, we’ve helped over 80 organizations and over 900 individual activists, artists, and everyone in between make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful, and irresistible.