Andrew Dinwiddie

Unstoppable Voters Fellow 2022

Andrew at a potato sack race in Brunswick, Georgia, 2022. Photo By Shelia Pree Bright.

Andrew Dinwiddie was born in Atlanta, raised in the Southern Labor Movement, and educated in experimental performance. He is Chief of Staff of New Georgia Project and New Georgia Project Action Fund, shepherding strategic projects and Cultural Organizing. With Times Square Arts 2016-2020, he curated and produced interdisciplinary public art by emerging and world-class artists. From 2004-2017 he was a co-everything of the OBIE-winning CATCH Performance Series. Andrew has worked at BRIC, MoMA Film, New York Live Arts, Ralph Lauren Corporation, Rooftop Films, WNYC, and as a Contributing Editor for the Movement Research Performance Journal.

Through Unstoppable Voters, Andrew is collaborating with Democrasexy in Austin, TX.

Democrasexy makes democracy sexy so more people will do it. Launched in September 2021, Democrasexy curates events and creates content connecting issues we care about with actions we can take in a way that excites rather than overwhelms.

Sexy explainer videos, “Tarot for America” videos & events like “Texorcism” made Democrasexy a finalist for the Austin Chronicle’s 2022 “Best Politics & Media Wildcard” Award. Democrasexy puts fun & humor first and foremost, attracting young Texans to the political process regardless of whether they consider themselves “activists.” It’s a way of “hiding the vegetable” of civic education by making learning a treat.

On being an Unstoppable Voters Fellow

I’m working to marry my art-world professional principles with organizing. It’s mission-critical that our art-forward programs be just as or more effective in building power and increasing civic engagement as all our other tactics. 

– Andrew Dinwiddie, Chief of Staff at New Georgia Project, collaborator with Democrasexy