Redistricting Lotería is an Unstoppable Voters project – a series of Center for Artistic Activism supported works that protect the freedom to vote with creativity and innovation.

Redistricting Lotería

No matter what we look like or where we come from, when it comes to having a say over who represents us, most of us want similar things: a transparent process we can trust, where communities remain whole and where voters have an equal voice.

Enter Redistricting Lotería. A collaboration between the leading fair districting groups in Wisconsin, Redistricting Lotería is a twist on a 500-year-old game played in households across Latin America. The classic lotería was remastered to get Wisconsinites involved in the redistricting process in a fun, culturally-inclusive way. Redistricting Lotería engaged Wisconsin’s BIPOC communities in particular, as they are consistently shut out of the redistricting process and are most negatively impacted by unfair maps.

The Lotería is a cultural resource for la raza, or “the people.” It’s free and available to any organization, educator, family or individual. People as young as 10 years old can play, and it’s an easy, accessible way for beginners and experts to engage in gerrymandering reform. A tool kit with instructions, a lesson plan, and a slide-deck can be made available as well. Contact project lead iuscely flores for more information!

An Unstoppable Voters Project Through and Through

Redistricting Lotería was developed during our Unstoppable Voters training for fair map leaders held in Fall 2021. Learn more about Unstoppable Voters trainings and organizational support here, and read more about our dynamic upcoming trainings here.

Recent Events

The Lotería has been played in two online and one in-person public events since the start of 2022, reaching 100 people and counting! It’s inspired direct actions including letter writing to local newspapers and participation in fair maps actions.

More about the in-person event: In May 2022, the Fair Maps Coalition hosted Redistricting Lotería outdoors, in conjunction with a community clean-up led by Muskego Way. They played over 6 rounds of Lotería in Spanish, provided food and pan dulce from the local Lopez Bakery, and offered prizes to those who participated.

Led by iuscely flores in collaboration with the Fair Maps CoalitionCitizen Action WILeaders Igniting Transformation, and Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

A few of the cards from the Redistricting Lotería deck

Unstoppable Voters Projects Fight Anti-Voter Efforts with Creativity, Joy, Humor, and Hope

We believe that every voter’s voice must be heard. The U.S. freedom to vote is under extraordinary attack–at the state level, the federal level, and due to widespread apathy, division, and distrust–but we have hope. We believe we can become a country where people feel invested in and excited about civic life. We believe legislation can be passed to support that civic life and protect the freedom to vote. And we know that we need to use the powers of art and culture to make this promise of democracy real for us all.

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