How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter if You Don’t Vote! is an Unstoppable Voters Project – a series of Center for Artistic Activism supported works that protect the freedom to vote with creativity and innovation.

When people start voting young, they are more likely to stay engaged throughout their lives. The teens of PA Youth Vote partnered with Just Act and Philly Neighborhood Networks to ask why their peers don’t vote, and then get them to vote! This highly theatrical voter engagement campaign featured interactive performances, famous puppets from Spiral Q, music, dancing, and more, and was performed at schools, polling places, and everywhere in between through Election Day 2021.


With the help of How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter if You Don’t Vote, in February 2022 the Philadelphia School District passed a landmark resolution in support of student voter education and registration. Learn more here.


Saturday, October 16, 12-1:30pm
as part of PA Engage Day
Independence National Park
and also livestreamed

Saturday, October 2, 1-3pm
as part of Chase the Erase
at Philadelphia’s People’s Plaza

Thursday, August 19, 12-1:30pm
Outside the Philadelphia School Board
at 440 North Broad Street

Created by: PA Youth Vote, Just Act, and Philly Neighborhood Networks

“How’s Your Voice Going to Matter” chant created by Kamryn Davis with Vote That Jawn. See the original on Instagram here:

The August debut! Read more about it here.
PA Youth Vote registering voters on a break from rehearsal
“Spec-actors” participate during a previous Just Act community event (Photo by William Thomas Cain / CAINIMAGES for Just Act)
Lisa Jo Epstein of Just Act
Thomas Quinn of PA Youth Vote (Photo by Yong Kim for the Philadelphia Inquirer)

PA Youth Vote is a non-partisan collaboration of students, educators and organizations working to elevate student voices and empower Pennsylvania youth as civic actors.

Philly Neighborhood Networks engages, educates and empowers our neighbors to support candidates and policies that put people and the planet before profit.

Spiral Q builds strong and equitable communities characterized by creativity, joy, can-do attitudes and the courage to act on their convictions. We imagine a city whose streets reflect the full spectrum of its residents’ creativity. We see a responsive and engaged society that rallies consistently to overcome the challenges of discrimination and oppression. We envision a world of abundance that mobilizes its resources to nurture shared vitality.

Just Act is a non-profit theatre-based catalyst for healing, change and activism. Applying the principles of Theatre of the Oppressed, we activate community-based engagement, communication, reflection & repair; collaborate across sectors on building the capacity of under-recognized individuals and communities who are systematically discriminated against, and those in solidarity with them, to transform new critical insights about seemingly intractable barriers into positive strategies for social justice. Working at the intersection of theatre, social justice, anti-oppression training and engagement, we are remapping theatre as an active participant in the process of civic dialogue, social action and community organizing.

Unstoppable Voters Projects Fight Anti-Voter Efforts with Creativity, Joy, Humor, and Hope

We believe that every voter’s voice must be heard. The U.S. freedom to vote is under extraordinary attack–at the state level, the federal level, and due to widespread apathy, division, and distrust–but we have hope. We believe we can become a country where people feel invested in and excited about civic life. We believe legislation can be passed at the federal and state levels to support that civic life and protect the freedom to vote. And we know that we need to use the powers of art and culture to make this promise of democracy real for us all.

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