Our government should work for us, but the filibuster isn’t working. The Senate’s filibuster is a loophole to grab power and doom legislation the majority of Americans want. Senators need to know we’re holding them accountable to eliminate the filibuster and pass laws that protect our lives and freedoms–especially our freedom to vote. How will we do that? With 24 hours and 19 minutes of continuous singing outside of Congress.

Wait, 24 Hours and 19 Minutes of Singing???

The longest filibuster ever recorded, by Strom Thurmond, lasted 24 hours and 18 minutes. On August 1 and 2nd in Washington D.C. we flipped that bit of history on its head, singing a new, pro-voter anthem continuously in a variety of styles and with special guests. Everyone from beginners to pros joined in to help keep the song–and our country–alive.

Eric Who is here to help

To quote Eric, “if you can sing, or especially if you can’t sing,” you can sing this song. Check out these helpful videos from Eric Who and then make a phone call to your Senator!

The lyrics to the song: 
We the people
are for the people, and
For The People Act.
We the people
are for the people, now
will you have our back?
We won’t
We won’t ever let go
of that hard won
freedom to vote