Better health begins when every citizen has a voice in the public policy decisions that affect their wellbeing.

Civic Health Month: a project of Vot-ER

Through our Unstoppable Voters program, we’ve partnered with the incredible Vot-ER.


Vot-ER is an organization committed to the vision of healthy communities powered by an inclusive democracy. They help clinics, hospitals, and healthcare professionals to support their colleagues and patients with voter registration and requesting their mail-in ballots. They also build coalitions of healthcare and democracy organizations through Civic Health Month.

Civic Health Month

Civic Health Month aims to make voting and civic participation accessible to all–particularly those underserved by the healthcare system in the United States. Civic Health Month is a nationwide celebration held each August to showcase the strengthening relationship between health care, healthy communities, and civic participation.

Get Involved!

Help get patients, colleagues, and staff registered to vote!