These leading artistic activists are making voting joyful, vibrant, safe, powerful, accessible, inspiring, and irresistible, all across the United States.

2024 Faculty Fellows

Kim Beck

Carnegie Mellon University School of Art

Margit Berman

Augsburg University

D.T. Burns

Point Park University

Abby Galvin

Arizona State University

Brittney S. Harris

Old Dominion University

Kristin Hughes

Carnegie Mellon University School of Design

Daniella Mascarenhas

Xavier University of Louisiana

Gregory Sale

Arizona State University

Susan L Smith

University of Maine

2024 Fellows

American Association of People with Disabilities

Melody Page

New Georgia Project

iuscely flores

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

LBB Edutainment LLC

Akeima Young

Alabama Values

Caroline Scown

Chinese-American Planning Council

2023 Fellows

Alejandra G Ramirez

Center for Cultural Power

Caroline Duble

Avow: Unapologetic Abortion Access

Robin D Turner

Cleveland VOTES

Sara Mortensen

Fandom Forward

Mark Kendall

CoolCoolCool Productions

Anne Basting

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for 21st Century Studies

2022 Fellows

Unstoppable Voters

Through our expansive Unstoppable Voters program, we support creatively risk-taking, strategic, ambitious organizations, people, and projects that address urgent and specific anti-voter attacks. We provide training and community building for individuals and groups who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. And we provide funding and support to help manifest that innovation and bring real, measurable impact. To date, we’ve helped over 100 organizations and 1,000 individuals make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful, and irresistible.