Céshia Elmore

2022 Unstoppable Voters Fellow Céshia Elmore is combining poetry and protest to inspire voters in Pennsylvania

Unstoppable Voters 2022 Fellow Spotlight: Céshia Elmore
Video by Good For You Productions
Céshia Elmore.
Alex Webster Photo.
Céshia emceeing the These Jawns Vote poetic protest. Photo by Christian Perry.
Céshia as captured by Ria G.

Céshia Elmore is a Creative, Educator, and Community Organizer based in her hometown of Philadelphia. Céshia has been a professional educator for 13 years, specifically for Special Needs, and recently decided to align professionally with the work that affirms her as a Black, Queer Woman. She began her Organizing work with New Voices for Reproductive Justice as a Lead Organizer for the #SayHerName March for Justice to honor Dominique “Remmie” Fells, Breonna Taylor, and other black and brown women, femmes, girls and folx who suffered from violence. Since then, she has mobilized for abortion rights, developed a teach-in series about Black Maternal Health and helped launched the #SAYHERNAME Justice Fund for her work with New Voices for Reproductive Justice. 

“QP” has used her art and influence to educate and empower Black Women as far as her voice and words can be heard. She is known for her captivating and provocative poetry, hosting open mics across the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, creating safe and open spaces for people and artists of diverse backgrounds. 

New Voices for Reproductive Justice is dedicated to transforming society for the holistic health and wellbeing of Black women, girls and gender expansive people, nationally and in Pennsylvania and Ohio. We help dismantle patriarchal anti-Blackness using the tools community organizing, leadership development, and voter engagement. Our vision is to achieve the complete health and well-being of Black women, girls, and gender expansive people.

These Jawns Vote

On October 20 from 4-6pm, at the intersection of 52nd and Chestnut Streets in West Philly, Céshia led a poetic party protest to get out the vote among Black women and gender-expansive people. Hosted by New Voices for Reproductive Justice and featuring Poets including ShirminaGeneva, Van Brooks, Steph Ox, Sabriaya Shipley, and Céshia aka emcee Queen Phierce, in “These Jawns Vote” each poet performed a spoken word piece on the impact of voting and how it strengthens Black women and gender-expansive people in their fight for their bodily autonomy, their health care, families, and their human rights. 

Volunteers were stationed on each sidewalk to register voters and encourage them to weigh in on key issues such as abortion access, gun violence, and trans and queer rights. Community members used “faux ballots” to drop their thoughts and ideas into “faux ballot boxes.”

Céshia on being an Unstoppable Voters Fellow

Artistic Activism is a grand opportunity to incorporate art and civic engagement. I am honored to be a fellow and excited to witness what we all create.

Being a fellow affirms my work as an artist and an activist by providing mentorship and resources to create something magical and impactful for my community. The training was fundamental, and overall has changed my perspective about my own talents, what I deserve, and what I have to offer.

– Céshia Elmore, Community Organizer, New Voices for Reproductive Justice