Akeima Young

Akeima Young. Photo by Kevin Lowery Photo.
Akeima shooting at Sneaker Politics in New Orleans. Photo by Zephyr Scalzetti.

Akeima Young (she/her) stands at the intersection of creativity and impact. With experience in video production, film creation, and storytelling, Akeima masterfully weaves narratives that resonate deeply, transforming abstract concepts into captivating visuals. Her roots as a dynamic producer are evident in every project she undertakes, from intimate film pieces to expansive productions. Notably, Akeima’s dynamic portfolio is a testament to her caliber and versatility. She played a pivotal role in sculpting impactful ads and paid media strategies for Stacey Abrams’ campaign, a testament to her ability to channel narratives for political influence. Beyond politics, her collaboration with brands like Chick-fil-A and Gatorade showcases her adeptness at tailoring content to diverse audiences and industries. Akeima brings an unparalleled depth of insight and understanding of audience targeting and a proven track record of galvanizing engagement through visual storytelling.

About Alabama Values

Alabama Values is a grassroots communication organization that engages and educates the community around issues impacting their front door. They aim to raise awareness and break down barriers to civic participation for communities across the state. They do this through supporting organizations advocating for pro-democracy policies, providing messaging leadership, and launching campaigns to boost civic engagement and education!

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