We’re supporting over 60 projects all across the country!

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We’ve been busy! This major year, we’ve been bringing our artistic activism expertise across the country, working hard to help voters and their champions navigate our complex democratic systems to make voting joyful, inspiring, and irresistible.

Since the start of the year, we’ve been running over 60 projects across 23 states, plus select projects happening nationwide. 

We’re collaborating with activists, artists, and everyone in between to promote civic participation by increasing excitement around the election, improving access to voting, and making this work safe for all involved. 

Read on to learn more about just a few of the 2024 civic engagement projects we’re excited about.

National Projects

Unstoppable Voters Fellowships

We’re spending the entire year supporting 15 of the most inspiring staff at voting organizations and faculty on higher education campuses to bring more magic to their pro-voting efforts.

Fellows are helping Alabama voters find hope in civic participation, Arizona students understand the great impact their votes will have, Michiganders with disabilities access their ballots and make their voices heard, and more.

Learn more: Join our special event on Monday, May 13th to hear from our Faculty Fellows about how they’ve been inspiring their students to vote this year.

4x4x4 in 2024

We pushed our most inspiring partners to develop field-expanding ideas for increasing excitement, safety, and access to voting this primary season. Eleven experimental projects ran in March and April across nine key states, ranging from an app to help canvassers track voter intimidation, to a series that turned gaming influencers and their fans into voting supporters, to a comedy show that made elections as fun as free donuts.

Learn more: Read up about the experiments here, and look out for an event sharing all we learned this summer.

Personal Voter Concierge Corps

The Personal Voter Concierge Corps will be a nationwide, nonpartisan fleet of volunteer voter champions who help people know exactly what will be on their ballot through customized conversations and individual voter guides. Think of this as phonebanking meets deep canvassing, but more effective, efficient, and fun.

We supported the first version of this project made by Jenny Gottstein of game and experience design studio Playscapades in 2022 with great success, and this year, we’re scaling up the program to reach 200,000 voters so they can go to the polls with confidence and clarity.

Stay tuned: We’ll be sharing more about this project shortly!

Jenny leading the 2022 concierge service

Local Projects

Drive the Texas Youth Vote

We are collaborating with leading c3 reproductive justice organizations in the Lone Star State — including Unstoppable Voters favorites Democrasexy and Deeds Not Words — to overcome youth disillusionment with this year’s presidential election.

We’re working to develop a series of digital and in-person interventions that will mobilize the vital youth vote to the polls by making them understand how important down-ballot races are, especially around abortion. 

Becky Bullard of Democrasexy
Texas reproductive freedom champions inspire voters in 2022

Cleveland VOTES More Than My Art

We’ve been working on in-depth strategic planning with a grassroots Ohio organization that actively incorporates arts and culture into the voting advocacy organization’s DNA. This includes working with 25 local artists and creatives on civic engagement before the November elections.

Learn more: Read our full case study of our work with Cleveland VOTES thus far here.

Cleveland VOTES welcomes artists as they build their cultural strategy

And so much more!

We’ve been leading workshops for campaign workers through Arena, dreaming big with Gen Z organizers in North Carolina, supporting a multi-modal project with our friends at Fair Count in Georgia, and translating our resources into Spanish to help Spanish speaking- and serving-organizations across the country.

Coming up, we’ll be launching a big (!) project with People for the American Way, supporting judicial reform advocates to bring integrity back to our justice system, and… the list goes on and on!

Interested in working with us? You can always schedule a time to talk during our Creative Consulting Happy Hours, or feel free to reach out.

The Unstoppable Voters team