Quick, free creative consulting sessions with the Unstoppable Voters team, every Friday. Let’s chat, cheers, and chart better courses forward for the 2024 elections, together.

Have an event planned and need ideas for how to make it more successful? Not sure what tactic to choose to accomplish your pro-voter goal? Trying something new and want feedback from people you can trust? Feeling burned out and looking for some inspiration and happiness to end your week on a high note?

Join Unstoppable Voters for our free one-of-a-kind Creative Consulting Happy Hour. 

Unstoppable Voters at the Center for Artistic Activism has supported over 100 organizations and over 1,000 individuals in some of the most creative, impactful voting work that’s happened in the past four years.

With 2024 being such a major election year in the U.S. and around the world, we want to share — for free! — all we’ve learned with as many people as possible and provide tons of support along the way.

So, spend 20 minutes with us to talk about your work, and we’ll work together to take it to the next level!

More Happiness Coming Soon

Starting in the Spring, once a month we’ll also be holding a Happy Hour Fishbowl Bash, where members of our Unstoppable Voters community can come together, meet each other, hear from special guests, and get support from a wide range of voting champions. Stay tuned for more info.

Some fine print

The scheduling link will take you to schedule via Calendly. After choosing a day/time to meet, you will be prompted to answer a few short questions about your work that the Unstoppable Voters team will review prior to our Happy Hour session with you, to ensure it’s the most beneficial 20 minutes possible.

Unstoppable Voters focuses on elections in the U.S., but we are happy to talk to people around the world working to promote democracy.

If you have a question about funding, know that we are not a granting organization and would be able to best help you in other areas. However, if you are looking for funding, we recommend you check out the following: Awesome Foundation, Emergent Fund, Rodenberry Catalyst, and the Creag Foundation. Please note we have no connection to these granting organizations, nor can we vouch for them through any personal experience.