The Divine Project supports, invigorates, and expands the practices of New York City-based QTBIPOC artists and creators whose work challenges the status quo and gives way to social change through community building and collaborative artmaking.

Center for Artistic Activism, Eureka! and Public Assistants developed this project with support from the Ford Foundation. The project includes 16 artist fellowships and cultivating the sustainability of Eureka! And Public Assistants, two young arts organizations in New York state. The artist fellows each participate in a three-month fellowship across two and a half years, which includes access to studio and community space in NYC, guidance in technical and artistic tools and materials, an upstate retreat,  and the opportunity to present work publicly through programs and distributed material. Artist cohorts are selected through a peer-led process by which new participating artists are invited by their peers and previous fellowship participants. Fellows are chosen based on their interest in and experience with a social practice, dismantling systems of disenfranchisement, and centering stories and experiences of people impacted by racism, heterosexism, and transphobia. 

Why The Divine Project?

This is one of many projects that we do with and for Artists and Arts Organizations. Get in touch if you’d like to talk with us about your arts + advocacy work.