The Center for Artistic Activism is a research and training institute
dedicated to making activism more creative and art more effective.

→ E D U C A T I O N

Training workshops are at the heart of the Center for Artistic Activism. Since C4AA began we have trained over 1000 activists and artists from across the United States, in more than a dozen counties, on four continents. We’ve worked with undocumented youth immigration activists in South Texas and sex worker advocates in South Africa; dissident artists in Saint Petersburg, Russia and art students in Portland, Oregon. As professional teachers, we know the value of thoughtful, dynamic, and participatory education. Our workshops are customized to the people we work with, taking into account your needs, issues, resources and geographical and cultural context. Our aim is not to teach one way, “our way,” of artistic activism, but through presentations, practical exercises and hands-on experience, to discover and develop — together — a creative path to artistic activism that works for you. (And we don’t do trust falls.) Find out more here

→ A D V I S I N G

Sometimes, when planning a campaign or creating a piece, an outside perspective is just what’s needed to drive a project forward. Otherwise you can find yourself stuck, mired in the same old patterns of thinking and doing that only take you so far. Through our consulting practice, the Center for Artistic Activism can help your group think and create in new ways.  We don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy of artistic activism, but we will work with you on developing the best, most creative course of action for your group, your issue, your creative resources and your unique cultural context. Consultation can be everything from a hour long phone call to in-person collaborations lasting several months. Find out more here

→ R E S E A R C H

If we want to change the world, hunches and intuition aren’t enough. We need to know what works. This is why research is the foundation of the Center for Artistic Activism. As university professors in the fields of art and sociology, we bring our academic and artistic training to this enterprise. Through our research, speaking, and writing we are continually investigating the affect and effect of artistic activism. We also explore subjects like cultural and aesthetic theory, media studies, social movement history, cognition, and the persuasion industry, learning what these fields have to offer the practice of artistic activism. We then take this research and put it out in the world, freely sharing it with others and applying it ourselves. Through this research we build better informed theory and more effective practice. Find out more here